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Error with Custom Rule Sets

PostPosted: Thu Apr 13, 2006 1:05 pm
by Rob06
I've been using this excellent program for quite a while with no troubles but after most recent upgrade I'm getting error messages when creating custom rule sets.
For example: France vs Germany 1939 (all planes) w/fine tune, when selecting the rule set - "cannot find rnd10000/data corrupt", runtime error, program closes. If I repeat without editing file (fine tune) I can select the custom rule set but when I hit "randomize" it changes the rule set back to "unlimited". The existing rule sets work fine. I had 3 existing custom rule sets which I deleted using the program before creating the new sets in order to pick up the additional planes.
I've tried uninstalling UQMG/removing UQMG directories as in help file from IL-2/PF and re-installing with same result. I'm running XP SP2, 1GB RAM AMD643000+. I'm thinking a uninstall/re-install of IL-2 and then install of UQMG might fix things but would rather avoid hassle of adding back settings, skins, voice packs, etc.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

PostPosted: Fri Apr 14, 2006 1:52 am
by UberDemon
Please, don't think you need to re-install IL-2/FB/AEP/PF because of UQMG. All UQMG does is create missions... so if there are any problems, it was really something with UQMG... unless it is an AI issue within the game's engine... then I have no power over that...

I am not all clear how your problem is manifestating itself. Could you tell me the exact steps including the options you selected in your set so that I can try to replicate the error?

Please take a look at the UQMG install directory in the directory where the sets are:
[Drive]:Program Files\UberQuickPF\ini\fb100\main\RandomSets

Basically I only update the unlimited sets now because it takes too long to update all the original sets that I created, so I keep the old ones as they are, update the unlimited sets, which are "rnd_set0.ini" and "rnd_set1.ini".

To create new ones UQMG only uses files starting at 10000 or higher, and attempts to create some order for the files... looks like it is getting hung in this process...

How many custom sets do you have? Could you paste the content of "rnd_set10000.ini" if it is present?

PostPosted: Fri Apr 14, 2006 12:15 pm
by Rob06
Wow, thanks for the quick reply. I'm glad a re-install of IL-2 is not needed. I will post more detailed steps later this evening with error codes and a sample rnd set when I get back to my home computer.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 14, 2006 10:24 pm
by UberDemon
Well, how prompt I am depends on the season... or luck... but hey, I was thinking about your problem of how things go back to the unrestricted/unlimited set... try this:

* Click on "Random Rules & Sets" in the lower right corner of UQMG
* Under Random options, UNCHECK the option called "Rule Set"

This will assure that when you randomize, in the main UQMG interface, it will randomize using the random set you selected, as opposed to randomizing the rule set as well...

Don't know if this helps... but I thought that could be a cause.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 15, 2006 1:09 pm
by Rob06
The only field that was checked in random options was weapons/load but that was a good thought. Here's what's happening in detail:
- Random Rules & Sets
-Create New Rule Set - OK
-Create New Rule Set - OK
RNDset 10000.ini - Save
Team restrict - Yes
One/two - No
One/two - No
Country - France(Free/Allied)
Year - 1939
Step 2 -Click
Step 3 - 7 match
Step 4 - Click
Country - Germany
Year - 1939
Step 2 - Click
Step 3 - 8 match
Step 5 - click
Rule set title: Germany - France 1939
Description - same
Do you wish to fine tune? No
Random Rules/Sets - Pick Set (Custom) Germany - France 1939, OK
Randomize Now - Switches to (A)(U)Unlimited

Here is the .ini file for rnd10000:

Blenheim Mk.IV (1938),notused,[Fr] France (No Unit),1
Fi-156 Storch (1939),notused,[Fr] France (No Unit),1
Hawk 75 A-3 (1938),notused,[Fr] France (No Unit),1
Hawk 75 A-4 (1938),notused,[Fr] France (No Unit),1
Ju-52/3mg4e (1939),notused,[Fr] France (No Unit),1
M.S. 406 (1936),notused,[Fr] France (No Unit),1
M.S. 410 (1938),notused,[Fr] France (No Unit),1
Ar-196 A-3 (1938)(Seaplane),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
Fi-156 Storch (1939),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
(F) Fiat CR.42 (1938),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
(F) Hurricane Mk.I (1938),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
Ju-52/3mg4e (1939),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
Ju-52/3mg5e (1939)(Seaplane),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
M.S. 406 (1936),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
M.S. 410 (1938),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2

The strange thing is that I tried the above for 1940, edited some lines out and it worked. Here is the ini file for 1940 that worked:

(F) Hurricane Mk.IIb (1940),notused,[Fr] France (No Unit),1
Blenheim Mk.IV (1938),notused,[Fr] France (No Unit),1
Fi-156 Storch (1939),notused,[Fr] France (No Unit),1
Hawk 75 A-3 (1938),notused,[Fr] France (No Unit),1
Hawk 75 A-4 (1938),notused,[Fr] France (No Unit),1
Ju-52/3mg4e (1939),notused,[Fr] France (No Unit),1
M.S. 406 (1936),notused,[Fr] France (No Unit),1
M.S. 410 (1938),notused,[Fr] France (No Unit),1
(F) Bf-109 E-4 (1940),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
(F) Bf-109 E-4/B (1940),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
Bf-110 C-4 (1940),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
Bf-110 C-4/B (1940),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
Fi-156 Storch (1939),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
Ju-52/3mg4e (1939),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
Ju-52/3mg5e (1939)(Seaplane),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
M.S. 406 (1936),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
M.S. 410 (1938),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2

Also tried Finland - Germany 1944 same criteria as above selected rule set
clicked OK and got error message "rnd set 10002.ini not found or data is corrupt application may now terminate. Run time error '365' unable to load within this context. Run time error '55' File already open. Application exited. The ini file for 10002 is:

IL-4 (1942),notused,temp,a
MBR-2 AM-34 (1937)(Seaplane),notused,temp,a
(F) P-40 M (1942),notused,temp,a
U-2 VS (1928),notused,temp,a
(F) B-239 (1939),notused,temp,a
(F) Bf-109 G-2 (1942),notused,temp,a
(F) Bf-109 G-6 (1943),notused,temp,a
(F) Bf-109 G-6 Late (1943),notused,temp,a
(F) Bf-109 G-6/AS (1944),notused,temp,a
Blenheim Mk.I (1935),notused,temp,a
Blenheim Mk.IV (1938),notused,temp,a
Fi-156 Storch (1939),notused,temp,a
Hawk 75 A-3 (1938),notused,temp,a
Hawk 75 A-4 (1938),notused,temp,a
(F) Ju-88 A-4 (1941),notused,temp,a
M.S. 406 (1936),notused,temp,a
M.S. 410 (1938),notused,temp,a
Mörkö Morane (1944),notused,temp,a
(F) Bf-109 G-2 (1942),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
(F) Bf-109 G-6 (1943),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
(F) Bf-109 G-6 Late (1943),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
(F) Bf-109 G-6/AS (1944),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
(F) Bf-109 G-10 (1944),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
(F) Bf-109 G-14 (1944),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
(F) Bf-109 K-4 (1944),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
(F) Bf-109 K-4 C-3 (1944),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
(F) Bf-110 G-2 (1942),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
(F) Do-335A-0 (1944),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
Fi-156 Storch (1939),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
Fw-189 A-2 (1941),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
(F) Fw-190 A-4 (1942),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
(F) Fw-190 A-5 (1943),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
(F) Fw-190 A-5 1.65Ata (1943),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
(F) Fw-190 A-6 (1943),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
(F) Fw-190 A-8 (1944),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
(F) Fw-190 A-8 for Mistel (1944),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
(F) Fw-190 A-9 (1944),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
(F) Fw-190 D-9 (1944),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
(F) Fw-190 F-8 (1944),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
(F) Ta-152 H-1 (1944),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
Fw-200 C-3/U4 (1941),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
(F) He-111 H-2 (1941),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
(F) He-111 H-6 (1941),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
He-111 Z 'Zwilling'(1942),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
Hs-129 B-2 (1942),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
Hs-129 B-3/Wa (1944),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
Ju-52/3mg4e (1939),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
Ju-52/3mg5e (1939)(Seaplane),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
(F) Ju-87 D-3 (1942),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
(F) Ju-87 D-5 (1942),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
(F) Ju-87 G-1 (1943),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
(F) Ju-88 A-4 (1941),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
(F) Me-163 B-1a (1944),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
Me-210 Ca-1 (1943),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
Me-210 Ca-1 Zerstörer (1944),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
(F) Me-262 A-1a (1944),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
(F) Me-262 A-2a (1944),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
Me-323 (1942),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
M.S. 406 (1936),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2
M.S. 410 (1938),notused,[De] Germany (No Unit),2

Once again any help is appreciated. Thanks very much.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 22, 2006 11:58 pm
by UberDemon
First one is easy... you are generating a set that has one team without flyable planes... no French flown plane in 1939 is present in the set... so UQMG detects that during the randomization process, and if you are flying in the red team, it will automatically revert to Unlimited/Unrestricted... I was able to duplicate the problem. Now in the manual edit you added the Hurricane, and that makes things OK for the the French team, so everything works.

German/Finland error, I am not able to duplicate... were you trying to generate a Germany vs Finland set? That may be the problem... IL2/FB/AEP/PF does not have an Allied Finnish team... nor does it have a team for those situations in which other people changed sides... such as Rumania, and Italy (which had two factions at the same time...).

Hope that is of at least some help.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 23, 2006 3:54 am
by Rob06
Okay, that makes sense, I was trying to duplicate all the historical country X vs. Country Y scenarios but I realize the game does not allow for all of those. The Finland vs. Germany set was for the Lapland War, but in game they are both axis countries so will not work.

Well thanks again for taking the time to look into this. I hope when Oleg's BoB comes out your "Uber technology" will make it into the game in some way.

All the best.