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Editing conf.ini

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Conf.ini & Steam

By default, your config is now stored in the steam cloud. This allows you to log into steam on a new machine, and carry over your entire config including keyboard layout etc.
This also means that manual edits to the config files are automatically overwritten by the server when the game is launched.

NOTE: editing conf.ini is an UNSUPPORTED FEATURE for advanced users only. ALWAYS back up last working version of the conf.ini.

To disable cloud config storage, go through these simple steps:
* Right-click the game in the game list in your steam Library.
* Go to the Updates tab of the Properties window.
* Uncheck "Enable steam cloud..."
* Press Close
* You can now manually edit your config file!

NOTE: (once again) some of the settings in the conf.ini are legacy settings left over from when some features were not yet set in stone, so you WILL horribly break the game if you begin to randomly reset random settings to see what they do.

Conf.ini Problems.

As the game is patched and new versions are released your conf.ini file should be automatically updated. If you have disabled cloud storage new settings are not applied and this can lead to problems with graphics or performnce. To update your conf.ini you should re-enable cloud storage and allow it to update. Once updated you can disable cloud storage again.

You may wish to reapply custom settings, ie controls, you will need to cut & paste your prefferred control settings, it is not recommend to change any other settings in conf.ini as changing settings may seriously effect the performance of the game.

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