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Mission Mate V2.0 (Pacific Fighter) has been uploaded.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 07, 2005 8:30 pm
by CrazySchmidt
Hi chaps,

Mission Mate v2.0 has been uploaded.

New Features:

Start Mission From Take Off:
Mission Mate now offers you the ability to start a multiple waypoints mission from a take off position. This may be either a land base or an aircraft carrier depending on the chosen map.

Scrollable Maps:
Many of the maps may be scrolled from right to left with mouse wheel to offer access to a larger portion of the maps.

Variable Map Lists:
You may now split the aircraft and map lists into three options.
1) AEP planes and maps.
2) Pacific Fighters planes and maps
3) All planes and maps.

RNZAF and RAAF Support:
Support for both the RNZAF and the RAAF have been included for both the “Quick Mission Generator” and the “Mission Editor”

Plane Airbase Icons:
Land airbase positions are now marked on the maps by way of an aircraft icon. The centre of the airbase is marked by the centre of the cockpit of the aircraft icon.

NOTE: On maps with only one land base present, the occupying army for that base may be toggled with the mouse wheel or the “T” key while holding the mouse over the airbase icon.

Naval Waypoints:
Mission Mate now offers you the ability to start place multiple waypoints for naval convoys. This is handled in a very similar way to multiple waypoints for aircraft.

Naval Properties Interface:
Naval properties is a graphical interface that allows you to add and remove individual ships into the pattern you wish the convoy to take. In this interface you can also set landing and take assignments for carriers, and for enemy aircraft, set attack assignments. This interface also replaces the previous method for creating anti shipping scenarios. Please read the help file to get a better understanding of how to use this new interface.

Minor Improvements:
You may now click and drag the main Mission Mate window.

You may now scroll full size skin previews with the mouse wheel. Left and right movement requires the use of the “Shift” key.

Cheers, CS. :)