sapisvr.exe hogs all my resources

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sapisvr.exe hogs all my resources

Postby kawilder on Sat Jun 23, 2007 6:16 pm

For a year or so I have used vac for wingman commands in IL2 and have grown rather fond of it. After a format a couple of months ago I started having problems, I would be in IL2 and my game would turn into a slide show. After some investigation I found what was causing the problem in windows task manager. SAPISVR.EXE was up to 434,000k+, seems vac uses this while you are running it to convert voice commands. Is there anyway I can cure this or do I need to just leave VAC off while flying IL2 (the reason i got VAC to start with) When VAC is off sapisvr.exe is not running and I dont have problems. The only real difference now is that I am running IL2 1946 at 4.08m were as before I was running 4.04m or 4.05m, plus a few microsoft updates also now.
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Postby Shift_E on Sun Jun 24, 2007 12:10 am

Hi Kawilder,

I hear this every once in a while from users who have re-formatted. It's hard to point the finger at a single cause, but have a look at this thread and see if it you help.

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Re: sapisvr.exe hogs all my resources

Postby MajorV on Mon Dec 31, 2007 9:55 pm

Have you tampered with your latency? I had dialed down my sound card latency (to increase my fps) and this caused sapisvr.exe to go haywire. Unfortunately, I did not figure this out for a LONG time, which caused me to give up on VAC for a while. Since I returned my sound card latency to its original setting about a year ago, VAC has functioned flawlessly and I have never had a recurrence of the sapisvr.exe problem. Also, I recommend that you set your VAC profile for "press to activate" (I use the space key for this) rather than automatic. Hope this helps - good luck on getting it sorted.

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