Enemies hundreds of km apart?

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Enemies hundreds of km apart?

Postby Antifreeze on Wed Jun 07, 2006 12:14 am

On the Kurland map I generated a straight-forward 'head to head' mission to play as a 'team vs AI' co-op. The red flights were placed on the north coast, and the blue at the south; the flights would have never met.

Does this happen often using UQMB? If so, what's the likely cause? And, what's the best way to fix it... generate another mission, or edit the affected mission manually FMB?

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Postby UberDemon on Wed Jun 07, 2006 1:59 am

One of the Kurland map has a template called "2-Front Head to head Air Combat". In general, H2H templates function somewhat like QMB, but depending on the map, the flights maybe closer or further. Typically you can set a mission where the opposite flights meet... say, you are flying in Flight Group 2, and the Enemy you want to do a Head encounter is in the corresopnding flight, or Enemy flight group 2. To take advantage of large formations you would use the Flight editor to have more flights... so that way it would be easy to have a 40 vs 40 battle or something similar.

In the case of a "2-Front" template, Flights 1+2 of each team operate in one area of the map; and flights 3+4 of each team operate in another area. An example of that template is Berlin. Flights 1+2 of Red/Allies attack Berlin from the West, and Fligts 1+2 of Blue/Axis defends Berlin in the West. So those would be good missions of US vs Germany. Flights 3+4 or Allies attack from East and you get the point, so would be good for Russian vs Germans. Now, in QMB, this would be somewhat weak, because you could have up to 8 planes per team in each front... in UQMG you could have thousands of planes in each front all together or in waves... it depends on how powerful your PC is.

... soooooo in the Kurland map, take a look at Mission Type, if it says 2-Front in it... then a mission with flights 1+2 of one side vs flights 3+4 from other team would potentially and most likely not meet... that type of template is made so that you can set up different scenarios using separate parts of the map... Other maps have templates where all flights meet at about the same area, although their ground targets, if chosen, are different.

Remember there are 4 Kurland maps, and two of them are not two front templates.

I recommend going through the tutorial, you will have a lot of fun following it.

Hope this helps.
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