Getting different flights of a squadron to fly together.

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Getting different flights of a squadron to fly together.

Postby Flakrunner on Fri Sep 01, 2006 2:07 am

I have attempted to create a single mission in which there are four flights of four P-51D mustangs for a total of 16 Mustangs all in 357th FG markings. I cannot seem to get the entire squadron to appear together at the same airfield even though I selected the option of " all on carrier/Runway (may overcrowd) or air start." When I start the mission only four mustangs of the first flight will show up at the airfield. The other 12 mustangs are taking off from three other fields nearby and after you get your flight in the air, the other flights fly about like their lost and wont form up as a solid formation. The same thing happens when you select "Air start at combat zone." The flights begin flying way too far apart and wont form up in a nice tight 16 plane squadron like they should be. What am I doing wrong or what settings do I need to check when selecting the individual aircraft to get them all to fly tight formation and also to appear together at the same airfield ?
Any tips or suggestions greatly appreciated, Flakrunner.
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Postby UberDemon on Thu Jan 11, 2007 4:05 am

Each Flight Group can be in a different location. There are up to 4 different flight groups per team.

However you can have an almost infinite number of aircraft per flight group using cloning. Say, you have a normal flight of four planes... now you add 4 copies, you have then 4 + 4x4 = 20 planes in the same group. You do that in the Flight Editor.

This gives you tremendous flexibility and variety of play depending where the flight starts, and which flight group you decide to fly in.

Please read the tutorial, it is easy and fun, and all these questions will be answered.
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