Release of UQMG for FB+AEP+PF - Get it Now

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Release of UQMG for FB+AEP+PF - Get it Now

Postby UberDemon on Sat Feb 26, 2005 5:15 pm

Release of UQMG for FB+AEP+PF - Get it Now

Attention: This is a NEW INSTALLATION, and not an upgrade.
(Download and Installation Instructions in the bottom of this post. If you do not know what is the UberQuick Mission Generator, UQMG, scroll to the bottom for a brief description)






Dear IL-2/FB/PF Community, and UQMG users,

It is my pleasure to announce the immediate availability of the most exciting UQMG version to date: UQMG for FB+AEP+PF. This is a brand NEW INSTALLATION, and not an upgrade. It is a completely revamped UQMG that is designed following many requests from the community and it includes very exciting new features, as well as all the easy to use features you are used to. The total number of updates and new features are just way too many to describe, so I will highlight the most important ones below. If you have never used UQMG before please give this totally cost free application a try.

Support for Combined FB+AEP+PF 3.04
- BRAND NEW Tutorial - Learn UQMG the easy way (Even UQMG veterans should use it and enjoy it)
- EASY! Ground Object Editor - Substitute or remove any ground object or target for each team
- EASY! Artillery/Naval Gun AI Editor - Control gun AI behavior for each team
- EVEN EASIER! Automatically match Ground Objects, Static Aircraft with correct countries, to used aircraft in mission, time period and countries!
- Support for Carrier Operations, both moving as well as Static Carriers (Even OLD IL2/FB MAPS!!)
- Ability to start on carrier and land on base (and vice-versa), plus other start options
- Support for Carrier/Test Runway Operations in Dogfight Arenas
- All new planes/weapons, and changes to existing planes from FB/AEP, including database
- All new countries/air forces and units
- New PF-only maps (Coral Sea 1, Coral Sea 2, Okinawa, Wake)
- Total number of maps: 47 (All IL2/FB/AEP + 4 PF)
- Other PF map upgrades coming soon
- No change in weapons in arming screen (if desired)
- Time Freeze (no time of day change in mission)
- DF Feature - Ability to remove parachutes from a team's spawn area
- Kamikaze attacks
- Maintain radio silence/Remove parachute/Nose Art
- All features can be saved in "uqmg" mission files
- Upgrade for PF 3.05 soon to follow after release by Maddox
- Completely revised user interface to both reflect PF feel and user requests
- More intuitive grouping of features
- More, better, and revised help (yellow buttons)
- Less clutter, easier to use, shrink/expand features where appropriate
- New Objective option: Make landing a requirement for completing mission
- New DF Arena option: Instead of using Rule Set, use only types of aircraft you selected for SP/Coop mission.
- Easy to select PC-Performance based Ground Object Options
- Easier, more intuitive way to select planes and copies/clones.
- Improved Flight Grid:
* Display real number of planes in main interface grid
* Hide Flight Groups that are not used

New UQMM (Mission Manager) Features
- Special New DF Arena features
* Any existing mission in PF (SP/Coop/Campaign) can be converted to DF Arena!
* Missions with moving carriers automatically get converted to static carriers with CORRECT spawn areas!
- Support for all new countries
- Support for all new aircraft and regiments
- Support for all PF maps (even ones not supported in UQMG)
- Revised interface to match UQMG
- No change in weapons option
- Time Freeze option

What exactly is UQMG?
UQMG is a quick mission generator that fills a gap between PF’s QMB and FMB. UQMG is easy like QMB, albeit with countless more features, some of which are as advanced as the ones in FMB. UQMG is free, professionally designed, has been around since 2001 when IL-2 was first released, and was featured in two major flight simulation publications. UQMG does things that QMB does not, most notably:
* Creates Coop and DF Arena in addition to SP
* More than 32 planes (over 20 Thousand, yes 20000, depending on your PC)
* Start on base, water, carrier, or air with several possibilities
* 47 Maps from IL-2 to PF (constantly being updated)
* ALL aircraft in IL-2 to PF (updated as new PF patches are released)
* Use composite flights as easily as normal flights:
- Several Tug/Glider combinations
- TB3+I16 SPB Zveno
- Fw190+Mistel
- Historical Ace flights without Ace repetition
* Select ground units easily or automatically match them with scenario and year
* Scenery based on PC capability
* Mission winning conditions/objectives
* Write briefing with mission header that are automatically generated
* Two additional tools: UQMM (Mission Manager) and UQMB (International Mission Briefer)
* Missions are designed in an average of less than two minutes, and generated in seconds

To install UQMG:
* Download WinZIP file from
* UnZIP it in a temporary directory/folder, such as "c:\temp" or create one. Right Click on the zip file and then go to the Winzip options, then select "Extract Here".
* Double click the file "setup.exe"
* Preferably, use the default directory installation in the setup.
* Start UQMG from the Start Windows menu.
* Follow ALL Instructions closely when you install it.
* Whether you are familiar with UQMG or new to it, I recommend you to click the "Tutorial" yellow button to start enjoying the features of UQMG right away. It is easy to read, and you will have lots of fun with it building missions that are very playable.

For UQMG Veterans:
* After you install this version you can transfer any of your custom "uqmg" mission data files to the new UQMG. Read instructions in the File menu in UQMG. After that, you can uninstall the previous version of UQMG.

Best Regards
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Postby EURO_Snoopy on Sat Feb 26, 2005 6:03 pm


getting it now
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Postby ausmondo on Sat Feb 26, 2005 8:36 pm

The internet is as slow as a wet week right now.
I will have to wait till a better time to get the new UQMG.
Am I reading what uberdemon is saying right?
Can the 'old' UQMG & the 'new' UQMG be kept on your HDD?
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Postby UberDemon on Sat Feb 26, 2005 11:17 pm


There is no reason to keep the old UQMG once you install the new one; all maps, and features of the old one are improved,and all sample missions from the previous upgrades are all there. The "old" UQMG is simply an outated version... but yes, to avoid problems with the new installation, the default install directory is different.

The current supported version is the one I released, which is 5.0.32.

Hope that clears things.

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Postby UberDemon on Sat Feb 26, 2005 11:53 pm

Delta_9_Tetra at UbiSoft Forum has my file at a mirror. Here is the info:

Originally posted by delta_9_tetra:
"Here is a temporary download mirror for, 23.2 Mb ... BA75G2RVVB

D/l speed at least two hundred times faster than Uberdemons server! This download will self-destruct in a few days."

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Postby UberDemon on Sun Feb 27, 2005 1:26 am

Another Mirror by Magnum MGG at SimHQ: ...

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Postby Ivan Putski on Sun Feb 27, 2005 1:35 am

Great utility, been waiting for this, thanks for the links to the mirror sites. Puts
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Welcome back UD

Postby Shift_E on Sun Feb 27, 2005 4:53 am

Hey UD,

Welcome back. Haven't heard from you in a while. :D

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Re: Welcome back UD

Postby UberDemon on Sun Feb 27, 2005 12:25 pm

Shift_E wrote:Hey UD,

Welcome back. Haven't heard from you in a while. :D

Hey Shift_E, thanks. I've been very busy... I only get time to work on my hobby now on weekends... hectic for the next few months.

Best Regards,
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Postby VR Chalky on Sun Feb 27, 2005 1:28 pm

Cheers :D
(")_(") ~

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