Where have my new missions gone?

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Where have my new missions gone?

Postby ap shift on Thu Sep 11, 2008 1:27 pm


Coming back to UberQ after a long break. Seems quiet here? I see there were problems a while back. Should I be looking at another site for fans of this wonderful utility?

Anyway, my problem is that after my new missions are created they don’t make it to the “saved UberQ missions” folder. There is definite hd activity when creating but no files. I’ve searched for .mis files but not found these new ones.

The correct location is shown in dir il2location.ini , complete with back slash.

I’ve tried several re-installs and running registry fixer.

So what are people using if not UberQuick??

All the best.
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Re: Where have my new missions gone?

Postby MaXMhZ on Mon Sep 15, 2008 11:10 am

Sorry for the late reply.

Most if not all users have moved to http://www.mission4today.com which has taken over from airwarfare.com concerning the IL-2 series. Just register an account there (free) and you are good to go. Look around a bit. It has a LOT more to offer than Airwarfare.com.
M4T is more modern and has a better setup. It has a much bigger audience than Airwarfare by now, and lots of free extra's.
It's free just as Airwarfare is. Both sites belong to Airwarfare Simulator Networks.
People are still using UQMG. Meanwhile there are some additional utilities beside UQMG that have become popular too like Mission Mate. Check M4T - there is a lot in the Downloads section, Utilities, campaigns, skins, you name it. It's probably there. There are a lot of very active forums too. 4500+ members by now :D

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