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Postby Halcon0653 on Sun Apr 01, 2007 10:18 pm

Hi all guys,
I wrote the following post in Oleg's page, but nobody from oleg's team answered me:

Dear Oleg team,

I am developing a 3D model. My idea was to perform a system in wich a real model of a plane made by wood or
aluminium could follow the movements made by the plane in the game.

I have seen some of this works by the net, but none of them had 3x360º freedom, most of them have about 30º in slip,
90º in pitch and 60º in roll. As everybody may imagine, doing a 3x360º requires more work and money.

I have developed my own UDP comunication program in Visual, and designed the model. Everything was ok, but I have
found a problem and I can´t continue with my proyect. I write this post in order Oleg's Team could help me.

Asking for example the Azimuth parameter (42), and going for example to the north, the value of the parameter should be
zero, and in fact it is. Now perform a looping, as devicelink.txt explain us the azimuth should be zero until the plane is
completely vertical (Pitch 48=90º), and then the azimuth suould be 180º. This is the theory. But, the reality is that when
you are near the vertical about 70º, the azimut value perfomes a curve, when your are exactly at 90º changes abruptly
180º and begins a curve again. So when you are at a pitch above 70º or -70º the Azimuth does not say the "truth".

The same happens with the roll parameter -46-, at about 70º, begins to make a similar curve, and the value is not correct
until you put the plane in a more relaxed position.

I understand, that this "problem" is due to simulate the real instruments. When you are near the vertical some of them
dont work properly.

But, I ask, How can I realy know the real position of the plane in ANY moment?. I think that giving this information is
very easy. Without this information, you can imagine that my proyect, and any proyect based in the real position of the
airplane is impossible to perform. Imagine for example an automatic pilot getting crazy in a looping.

So my humble request is, please let us know the real position of the plane. Give us more information about speeds,
acelerations, and everythig you can imagine. The top is the sky. Now the UDP works, and works well (I can read
every 15 miliseconds with no problems), to add more parameters is very easy. If I knew that this is difficult I would
never ask for it, I assume everybody of you will be very bussy.

Thanks for reading me. If I want to make my work in IL2-PF instead for example FS2004 is because everybody of us know
IL2 is the best.

Waiting anxious for your answer,

Anybody of you can give a hint of how to obtain REAL position of the plane?

Thanks :(
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Postby WWSensei on Mon Apr 02, 2007 10:18 pm

Whole heartedly agree with this. They seem to have modeled instrument output in DeviceLink rather than true aircraft data. They used to model joystick axis position instead of actual wing position for the longest time too.
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